The Zambia Project has been operating in Zambia's Western Province since 2002 ...more

The Zambia Project has been operating in Zambia's Western Province since 2002 ...more


Village of Hope

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There are thousands of orphaned, vulnerable, and homeless children in Western Zambia. This is the result of the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. The plight of the orphans is furthermore exaggerated by the high incidence of child abuse and desperate poverty. At Village of Hope - Mongu, our mission is to bring lasting hope to children at risk so they can embrace adulthood as independent and contributing members of society.

The Village of Hope on completion will school 1000 children and house over 120 orphans.  The site was gifted to the Zambia Project by the local chief.

Water Wells

With the lack of sound basic infrastructure in the Western Province of Zambia, the major challenge facing these people is the lack of a good clean water source. Without clean, safe drinking water diseases, dehydration and even premature death constantly plague the people. Their babies and children are especially vulnerable. We aim to uplift the rural communities and try to improve their lives, so, by starting with their primary needs such as water will be a huge step towards this goal.

Sikatondo Well Dig October 2012

The Sikantondo Well dig provided clean fresh drinking water to 160 school children plus the immediate community of around 200 people.


Manywi is a remote site with virtually no water and the need is extreme.  The area has two old Wells which were sunk during the 70’s and have dried up.  Numerous attempts to recover them has been unsuccessful.  During the dry season April to November surface water is sparse, the plan is to install a 15-20metre borehole with a hand pump. 

The Manywi community is busy building a school and they have requested the Well be sunk next to the school so the children can directly benefit. Clean fresh water in Manywi will transform their way of life.


A Well at Lupuka will directly affect over 1000 people’s lives as there are 72 villages dotted around the school in this area.

This community lobbied to the government to upgrade their community school to a government school and were successful which means that the education department now allocates a teacher to the school. Unfortunately, the teachers keep absconding due to the hard living conditions.

During our community discussions it was agreed unanimously that the Well location must be in close proximity to the school. The community is hoping the Well will encourage the teachers to remain and continue teaching their children.

Hope Art

A group of impoverished, unemployed and mainly HIV positive Zambian widows are facing the orphan challenge and producing hand crafted jewelry with paper beads. People that care, buy and sell this unique hand crafted jewelry and all net profits from ‘Hope Art’ are invested in the Zambia Project that provides shelter, food, education and healthcare to children and women in need.

MOVE is finalizing business details to distribute Hope Art in Australia, the online store will be up and running early June 2014

The Zambia Project has been operating in Mongu since 2002 providing life saving skills and support to the people of Mongu in the Western Province.