About MOVE

MOVE was established in 2010 on back of Nev's scoping trip to Zambia in 2007.  Nev's vision is to enable ordinary people to do extraordinary acts of kindness by using their everyday skills and expertise to create an environment of sustainability through empowerment, training and education.

During 2011 MOVE partnered with the Zambia Project which operates in Zambia’s Western Province, one of Africa’s remotest and impoverished areas.  MOVE is committed to providing community capacity building resources to the people of the Western Province, in the areas of water, sanitation and hygiene, child protection management, medical assistance, civil and infrastructure works, education and economic development.

Inspire giving, through a dynamic framework enabling ordinary people to do extraordinary acts of kindness.

MOVE will seek out and develop short and long term humanitarian projects that require a level of skill and expertise that we in Australia see as common place and would normally be used to increase our quality of life, not provide life support.

MOVE will equip and enable through education, training and sustainability.  We will seek out and form alliances with like minded businesses and organisations in Zambia’s Western Province.