October 2017 marks 10 years since Nev's first trip to Zambia with a vision to impact lives and drive change in WASH Projects (Water, Health Sanitation and Hygiene).  Watch this video to see the journey so far, its been an amazing ride ...... 


MOVE Team 2106, a massive year! WASH Team, Medical Team and the Admin Team, 'Fighting Poverty with Lean Six Sigma'..

MT17, another amazing year and another great team.  This was the first time MOVE had ventured to the boarder of Zambia and Angola.  The water need here is heart breaking, we'll be back to fix this in 2018 with Underdale Drillers, enjoy the video.. Nev..


Fresh Clean Water 24/7.  MT16, finished the Water Supply System to the Village of Hope, 5 years of planning and volunteer effort, MT12, MT13, MT15 and MT16. Woodys you are the King!!

MT16 R&R in Livingstone, Zambize River Cruise, Water Water Rafting, Chobie National Park and Victoria Falls, pure Gold !!

MOVE Team 2015, smashing it using our Army Engineering Skills, pushed over 600 tons of dirt, site clearing for the New Hospital, Orpahn Homes and Soccer Pitch. Love your work guys!!

MT16, soccer in the VOH..  

The Village of Hope Mongu, a vision that MOVE is proud to be apart of Community Capacity Building in the WEstern Provice


MT15 Plus, sinking a Water Well in Ngumbuingumbu with JC the Jet, 17 hour days for 4 days great job guys,#water24/7 #waterbringslife

This video was taken in 2011, its worth a look to see how far the Village of Hope Mongu has come.  MOVE is proud to have been part of the journey with the Zambia Project.