September 2014, MT14 is primed and ready to go, it’s been a year of firsts; the establishment of the MOVE Board, Inaugural Golf Day and corporate donations and a LCL pallet shipment, great work guys.  Sadly it’s also the first postponement, the outbreak of Ebola and a confirmed case in the Democratic Republic of Congo led to the decision of post postponing MT14 until April 2015.  MOVE is committed to the safety of our team the “Need is Vital and the Opportunities are Huge” but our volunteers come first.

MOVE Team 2014

MOVE Team 2014's adventurers will commence in late October 2014, once again back in West Zambia value adding to MT13's great work.  A number of new opportunities are evolving which is exciting, water security continues to be a key focus area with phase 2 of the water supply supply to the Village of Hope schedule for this trip.

Desktop Computers.jpg

Information Technology Team

Empowering children's lives through information
Installation & configuration of 50 Laptops into the VOH Orphan School


Engineering Team

Installation of Phase 2 of water services to the Village of Hope
Planning and installation of grey water management system

Civil Works Team pic.jpg

Civil Works and Infrastructure Team

VOH landscaping, soccer pitch and road construction, plus trench digging
Plant training, Backhoe, Grader and Roller

Medical Team

• Medical Clinic daily operations
• 'Save a Life Centre' management and training

Family Development Team

• Revised Child Protection Policy roll out
• Child Protection Officer training